MOSAICS Kick-off Meeting at Cochlear Benelux NV headquarters

On the 29th August 2019, MOSAICS beneficiary members from Cochlear Benelux NV and Radboud University Medical Center met with the project management and dissemination team from accelopment AG for the MOSAICS Kick-off meeting held at the Cochlear Benelux headquarters in Mechelen, Belgium. With the enthusiasm to start advancing this unique collaboration between the largest global hearing implant manufacturer and the leading experts in the field of hearing research, the meeting got under way with strategic management planning and a good dose of Belgian and Swiss chocolate. This was the perfect atmosphere to refresh and plan the next steps leading to the project start on the 1st October 2019. The Kick-off Meeting provided the opportunity to ensure all measures were in place to recruit and welcome on board four Early Stage Researchers, who from January 2020 will commence their PhD journey to become experts in the biophysics, neuroscience, engineering, and psychology/sociology of auditory implants. The Work Package (WP) leaders Dr. Filiep Vanpoucke (coordinator, WP5: Management), Dr. Birgit Philips (WP4: Outreach), Dr. Emmanuel Mylanus (WP1: From cochlea to cortex), and Dr. Wendy Huinck (WP2: Brain, train, and sustain, and WP3: Training), with the support of Dr. Mehdy Oozeer (Cochlear) and the accelopment AG team discussed the management and communication measures that will see the MOSAICS European Industrial Doctorate off to a great start.