Training within the MOSAICS network

MOSAICS will provide 4 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) with unique multidisciplinary training via cooperation between academic partners and the private sector, enabling them to contribute to the innovation of hearing related products and preparing them to thrive as specialists based in either the healthcare sector, industry or academia. All ESRs will be enrolled in a structured PhD programme and will receive highly individualized supervision from an international supervisory board of leaders in cochlear implants (CI) research. They will perform original and cutting-edge research in the field of CI, benefiting from intersectoral training and secondments in both the academic and private sector.

The inclusion of five non-academic partners in MOSAICS will ensure that the ESRs are provided with industry focused training in the fields of biotechnology, healthcare, electronics, and ICT.  Scientific training modules will also build key research skills and include a patient workshop session during which the ESRs will present MOSAICS results to end users and affiliated groups to receive direct feedback on their outcomes. To bridge communication and exchange between the public healthcare sector, industry, academia, and end users a MOSAICS dissemination conference will be organized in conjunction with the Euro-CIU Symposium. The modular training approach provided will shape MOSAICS ESRs to become future EU scientific leaders in the hearing environment.