An inspiring focus group with experienced CI users at Cochlear, Utrecht

On April 25th, Nikki Tromp (ESR 3) and Birgit Philips (MOSAICS Supervisor) were part of the research group from Cochlear Benelux to host an experience day in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A handful of experienced cochlear implant (CI) recipients were invited to Cochlear’s information center to provide valuable input into several ongoing projects, including MOSAICS. The … Read more

Shedding some light on auditory processing – Ignacio’s (ESR1) in-person secondment

I’ve recently completed my secondment at Artinis Medical Systems BV, where the main purpose was to familiarize with functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). This is an imaging technique that can help us study regions of the brain that activate with incoming stimuli. In our case, we’re interested in auditory stimulation. Two things were really important … Read more

World Hearing Day: To hear for life, listen with care!

In our recent infographic, we highlighted how as people start to live longer due to improving and innovative health interventions, the number of people living with hearing loss will also continue to grow. Age is only one of the many factors that can contribute to hearing loss. On World Hearing Day 2022, the focus is … Read more

MOSAICS celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we shine the spotlight on four key women within the MOSAICS project. Despite their different backgrounds and levels of experience within the world of research, they share a strong passion for science and the dedication to helping others, which drive their work towards improving treatment for … Read more

Nikki Tromp’s virtual secondment experience

Coming from South Africa and having no prior experience of traveling within the Netherlands or Europe as a whole, I really looked forward to my secondment experiences. The plan was to spend one month at the VUmc in Amsterdam to gain knowledge and skills in measuring listening effort and one month at the Ida Institute … Read more

Conference contributions during 2021

Sharing and being open about scientific findings is fundamental for all researchers. Conferences are an ideal place to engage in discussions with people who are passionate about their research. Through these conferences, the ESRs have been able to share their research with the scientific community. Although most of them were held online, changing in many … Read more

Nikki Tromp (ESR 3) interviewed for the European Research Showcase

We’re delighted to share that Nikki Tromp (ESR 3) was recently interviewed for the European Research Showcase as part of European Researchers Night. Watch Nikki’s interview to learn more about her research and the importance of the MOSAICS project. Curious about what other exciting research is taking place across Europe? Head over to @ERNIntersection on … Read more

Meet the ESRs: Enrico Migliorini

Four ESRs in the MOSAICS project, and four “Meet the ESRs” posts. And since last time was about ESR 3: Nikki Tromp, is it really a surprise who this post is going to be about? That’s right, this is about ESR 4: Enrico Migliorini, who is looking into Artificial Intelligence and its role into innovating the fitting … Read more

Calling all audiologists and speech therapists working with adult cochlear implant patients!

Recently, ESR 3: Nikki Tromp, has kicked off an online survey study that looks at how audiologists and speech/ rehabilitation therapists working with adult CI users think about post-operative outcomes. Given certain pre- and post-operative information, the survey aims to explore how accurately these clinicians are able to predict one-year post-operative outcomes in adult CI … Read more