Meet the ESRs: Enrico Migliorini

Four ESRs in the MOSAICS project, and four “Meet the ESRs” posts. And since last time was about ESR 3: Nikki Tromp, is it really a surprise who this post is going to be about? That’s right, this is about ESR 4: Enrico Migliorini, who is looking into Artificial Intelligence and its role into innovating the fitting … Read more

Calling all audiologists and speech therapists working with adult cochlear implant patients!

Recently, ESR 3: Nikki Tromp, has kicked off an online survey study that looks at how audiologists and speech/ rehabilitation therapists working with adult CI users think about post-operative outcomes. Given certain pre- and post-operative information, the survey aims to explore how accurately these clinicians are able to predict one-year post-operative outcomes in adult CI … Read more

Meet the ESRs: Nikki Tromp

Another month, another ESR to meet. After we talked about Ignacio and Loes, you probably are familiar enough with the project that you don’t feel the need for any further introduction. And yet I have written one. Now is time to introduce ESR 3: Nikki Tromp, who is looking into Societal benefits of CI-specific rehabilitation … Read more

Meet the ESRs: Loes Beckers

If you read our post from last month, where we learned something about Ignacio, you already know that it’s been a year since all ESRs started their projects, and we are celebrating by giving them the opportunity to talk a bit about themselves and their work. And if you hadn’t read it, isn’t it convenient … Read more

Meet the ESRs: Ignacio Calderon de Palma

If you’ve been avidly following the progress of MOSAICS, you may have realised that it’s now been already a year since all ESRs started their projects. What a perfect anniversary to launch a short news post series: Meet the ESRs. Starting today and over the next four months you can look forward to reading an … Read more

MOSAICS: a year in review

The end of September 2020 already marked the end of the first project year for MOSAICS, an important milestone duly followed by the project’s Midterm Review meeting. For this, on December 17th, the  MOSAICS consortium joined an online meeting with the REA Project Officer, during which the ESRs introduced their research projects and partners presented … Read more

MOSAICS training days and upcoming events

The second phase of the MOSAICS training days for 2020 took place from 14 – 16 October, this time face-to-face at Oortjeshekken in Nijmegen. The ESRs underwent a full day of statistics training on the first day, headed by Hans Burgerhof from the University of Groningen. The latest research on objective and subjective measures in … Read more

MOSAICS ESRs get BROK® certified, and other exciting updates

After weeks of preparation and a tough examination process, we are glad to announce that all four MOSAICS ESRs are officially BROK® (Basic course on Regulations and Organization for clinical investigators) certified! The BROK® course is compulsory for all clinical investigators within the Netherlands, and requires the fulfilment of stringent requirements set by the legislator … Read more

Impressions from the MOSAICS Fresher’s Week (II)

The second half of the MOSAICS Fresher’s Week on July 9-10th 2020, at the Cochlear Technology Centre in Mechelen, Belgium. The first day saw talks from several members of the ESR PhD supervision team, who are experts in both the clinical and research world of CI, from cochlea to cortex. Wendy Huinck and Emmanuel Mylanus … Read more

Impressions from the MOSAICS Fresher’s Week (I)

Despite a move from face-to-face to virtual platforms due to the coronavirus pandemic, the first part of the MOSAICS Fresher’s Week was a great success. Several experts in the field of CI shared their knowledge with the four MOSAICS ESRs and their supervisors through various online sessions.  Sue Archbold kicked-off the Fresher’s Week on June … Read more