Loes Beckers

ESR2 – Cognitive functions as process-related outcome measures and predictors of performance in adult Cochlear Implant users

Host: Cochlear Ltd.

MOSAICS Research
Assess different aspects of cognitive abilities, e.g., processing speed, cognitive load and working memory, as process-related outcome measures within the population of adult CI candidates and recipients and examine the interplay between objective measures at cortical levels and cognitive abilities. Results will improve the understanding of performance barriers and will be used to predict CI effectiveness in adult CI candidates and possibly intervene when adult CI users don’t reach optimal outcomes.


Loes fell in love with research since her bachelor at Maastricht University and quickly discovered she wanted to investigate the way people acquire and use knowledge and the underlying mechanisms in the brain (cognitive neuroscience) to then use these findings to develop interventions. To her the MOSAICS project is a small, but important piece of the puzzle that focuses on understanding the underlying principles of cognition and perception, while at the same time helping CI patients.

Loes obtained her bachelor’s degree at the faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht University (2014-2017), during which she also participated in the MaRBLe (Maastricht Research Based Learning) excellence program looking at oscillatory processes using EEG. She continued her studies at Maastricht University by completing the Research Master in Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience, specializing in cognitive neuroscience (2017-2019). For her research master internship at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, she looked at predictions in speech perception using MEG and EEG.


ESR2 in the MOSAICS news

MOSAICS comes to a close paving the way for continued quality of life improvements for cochlear implant recipients

The end of September 2023 also marked the official end of the MOSAICS project, funded by the European Commission as the Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Industrial Doctorate (EID). With the key aim of improving the quality of life of cochlear implant (CI) recipients, the results of the MOSAICS project are set to pave the way for their uptake into further research and development of product, diagnostic and care improvements for cochlear implant users.

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