5th MOSAICS Research Days – progress, training and next steps

Just a few days after starting their 2023 conference participation season at ESPCI in Rotterdam, on the 8th and 9th June the MOSAICS ESRs and part of their supervisory team and project partners continued the exchange in Mechelen with the MOSAICS Research Days. The two days provided an opportunity for core MOSAICS members to get together and discuss the latest progress of all ESRs, with time for constructive exchange, to explore some of the current challenges in their research and to plan for the final activities of the MOSAICS project. Indeed, the project will soon come to a close, with the end of September 2023 marking a full four years for this European Industrial Doctorate.

But the closing of MOSAICS as an EU-funded project definitely doesn’t mean that the rsearch and collaborations will also halt. The MOSAICS team will continue their research and work to improve the quality of life for Cochlear Implant recipients, with still many results from the work of the ESRs that will be shared even after Sepetmebr 2023 and new ideas waiting to take shape. With this outlook on the next steps, the Research Days were also an ideal opportunity for the ESRs to receive a final training from project partners Marco Cavallaro and Emily Rose Ciscato (based at accelopment) on EU funding opportunities and grant writing for post-doctoral fellowships. As part of accelopment’s Transferable Skills Training Programme designed for early-career researchers, the training session combined the trainer’s experience and expertise in EU-funding and proposal writing with a hands-on exercise, quizzes and an intercative exchange.

Keep an eye on our Twitter page @MOSAICS_2020 for the latest project updates, including for the upcoming Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses (CIAP) in California from July 9th – 14th, where all ESRs will display their research at the poster sessions.