MOSAICS attending the Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses 2023 – Lake Tahoe

This month the MOSAICS team visited the Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses (CIAP) at Lake Tahoe, California. Like in the MOSAICS project, this conference brings together researchers with many different backgrounds: engineers, audiologists, neuroscientists, and clinicians. Not only different backgrounds, but also researchers at different stages in their careers are actively involved in this conference. This diversity allowed for great interactions of the MOSAICS team with fellow researchers discussing their research and career.

All four ESRs received the opportunity to present their work at the poster presentations. On Tuesday, Ignacio (ESR 1) presented his work on how “Reaction Times Capture Temporal Interactions in Electrical Hearing” and Enrico (ESR 4) on “AUDIET: Auditory Diagnostics and Error Based Treatment – Towards Performance Based Fitting”. On Wednesday, Nikki (ESR 3) presented her work answering the question “How Accurate and Confident are Clinicians When Predicting 1-Year Post-Implantation Speech Perception Outcomes?” and Loes (ESR2) presented on “Oscillatory Activity in Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients with Different Degrees of Speech Perception Performance”. They all had engaging and fun conversations with their audience and are grateful for the feedback they received.

All four ESRs presenting their work

Due to the varied program, there was not only time to listen to interesting talks and poster presentations, but also to learn about research careers during mentoring sessions. A few hours of free time during the afternoon also allowed for reconnecting between all MOSAICS ESRs and supervisors.

MOSAICS supervisors and ESRs at CIAP 2023