Ignacio Calderon De Palma

ESR1 – Objective measures in CI systems

Host: Radboud University Medical Centre

MOSAICS Research
Investigate possible bottlenecks in the information flow in the auditory pathway from peripheral to cortical areas, in order to obtain a better understanding and prediction of outcome of CI in adults.


Ignacio is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s always had an interest in physics and music so when choosing a career, he decided to go for something that blended both worlds. For the last two years before starting as a MOSAICS ESR, he worked in the cochlear implant industry dealing with clinical aspects related to cochlear implants. This led to a first-person view of the degree of variability in system outcomes. Ignacio sees the MOSAICS project as an opportunity to search for the causes of such results and contribute to our understanding of neural health and signal flow across the auditory pathway. This in turn may lead to better performance of CI systems and increased quality of life for recipients. 

In 2019 Ignacio obtained a degree in Sound Engineering at Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He carried out research mainly on architectural acoustics and psychoacoustics and was assistant professor of Introduction to Acoustics and Psychoacoustics at UNTREF. Alongside his studies he also worked in architectural acoustics and noise impact.

ESR1 in the MOSAICS news

MOSAICS holds its final event at OMAI 2023

The 11th International Symposium on Objective measures in auditory implants (OMAI 2023) held in Antwerp, Belgium between the 25th and 28th September, marked an important occasion for the MOSAICS project. On the 27th September, a dedicated MOSAICS session was held during the conference, as the project’s final event. It was the first time junior researchers,

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