MOSAICS Fresher’s Week in times of COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic is having an impact on all sectors and spheres of human interaction, including on project meetings and training events. The first MOSAICS network-wide training event, the MOSAICS Fresher’s Week, originally planned to take place at the Cochlear facilities in Mechelen at the beginning of April 2020, will instead soon be starting with its first remote session on June 8 2020. Now planned are a series of online courses offered by the MOSAICS Partner Organisations EURO-CIU (who recently featured MOSAICS in their Annual Report), Maastricht University Medical Center+ and accelopment AG, as well as by members of the External Advisory Board. This first network-wide training aims to cover a variety of topics, thus providing the ESRs with a well-rounded training in latest research trends and outcomes, technical skills, as well as in transferable and business skills. Topics to be covered include: the role of cochlear implants on society, fitting of cochlear implants, outcome prediction models for cochlear implant performance, patient journeys, and research project management. These online courses will be complemented by additional training, hopefully in person, at the beginning of July 2020. Follow the ESRs’ Tweets at @MOSAICS_2020 to know more about their experience during each course.